Barbarot Winery

La rioja, spain

Founded in 2005, Barbarot is a boutique wine producer created by third generation winemaker, Bárbara Palacios.

Project Overview

Barbarot is the creation of third generation winemaker Bárbara Palacios in La Rioja, Spain.

Bárbara was getting feedback from her buyers that while her branding effectively captured her personality, it did not reflect the fine quality of her wines.

Bárbara chose to work with us on the redesign because I have a deep understanding of her winemaking philosophy. Her approach is very personal, unconventional, and a top-quality expression of her vineyard’s unique terroir.

Design Objectives

Create a high-end look that matched the quality of the wines
Keep a sense of personality that is not too formal or serious
Integrate existing branding elements of the B logo and the lovable dog (and inspiration for the winery’s name), Merlot 
Create a stronger visual focus on the Los Riscos de Bilibio mountains that surround the vineyards.
We explored several artistic styles of illustrations for the estate vineyard landscape
Design Explorations

Final Result

Eva took a difficult process and made it easy. She really understood my personality, my philosophy, and was able to capture it in the new label design.
Bárbara Palacios
Owner & Winemaker
Barbarot Winery